GB WhatsApp APK Download (Updated) Anti-Ban Official – January 2024

download gb whatsapp app apk

Download GB WhatsApp

We all know about WhatsApp, but did you ever hear about the GB WhatsApp? Which is another Era of WhatsApp with extra features. All over the world, people are addicted to using WhatsApp for their daily needs. As we all know, what are our basic needs, but it adds another one: WhatsApp. Many other companies launched different apps similar to WhatsApp but can only provide a few more features like WhatsApp provided to people.

Whenever people are required to call someone, send files, images, videos, chat with friends and relatives, contact an unknown person, and other basic needs, their preference is always towards WhatsApp due to easiness of using this app. Do you know how many users are using WhatsApp? More than a billion users are using WhatsApp now, and the numbers are continuously rising.

In WhatsApp, most features are unavailable, so the users are heading towards using other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. To point out all the problems in mind, developers quickly adapt to the changing environment and launch their app as a counter punch whose name is GB WhatsApp APK. 

There are many similar communication applications that you can use instead of GB WhatsApp. Insta Pro is the best example of GB WhatsApp. That application is helpful for communication as we, as you, can use it for posting videos or other activities.

What is GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a version of WhatsApp, or second WhatsApp, which allows you to do many extra things compared to the regular one. WhatsApp is a communication app around the world or, say, the most popular chatting site where you can communicate easily with anyone. But after buying Facebook Meta, they included more extra features and made it the most popular social media site.

They even added a catalogue option to sell and purchase through WhatsApp. You can send money with it too. But they have limitations like you can’t send more than 25 MB files through WhatsApp, you can put a long status, you can’t set privacy too much according to your needs, or many other options which you can’t do in normal.

So, developers launched GB WhatsApp, allowing you more features than normal WhatsApp. You can forward messages to more than 100+ users at a time; you can send 100+ MB files and many other features you will find in GB WhatsApp. Now the question is how to download GB WhatsApp or versions on mobile. You can’t find GB WhatsApp on the Play Store like WhatsApp.

You can download it through APK files only but don’t worry. They are virus-free and secure so you can download them easily. Firstly, we will talk about the GB WhatsApp version, and after that, we will describe how to download it.

Versions of WhatsApp

You can download GB WhatsApp through APKs, which is entirely safe and secure. You download the package of APK files and install them with one click. Each version has more features, like old and new versions, which you can find on their page. All types of GB WhatsApp are unique and have different features. In the above, you read about the WhatsApp version called GB.

Now, we will talk about other WhatsApp mods. You never know that there are many WhatsApp versions, and each version has different functions or features than the others. There are about 20+ versions, which you can find on our other page, WhatsApp Mods. We have already described a few mods and will add more mods soon.

You can bookmark downloadgbappapk site for more mods, which will be added soon. All mods APK files are completely safe and secure to download from our site as they are hosted on a private server. You can find language options in these mods, large file sending, long status uploading, and many other options.

In each mod, you will get some similar features, and also you will get some extra or different features from each other. Some mods are famous in India, while others are famous in Brazil, Indonesia, the UK, UAE, etc. In India, you will find that GB WhatsApp is very famous, which you can install through APK.

All of their versions are not available in the Google Play Store because of their versions and rules of Google. But still, you can install them through APK. You can find all the APKs on their page at

Where to Download Latest GB WhatsApp?

Most websites provide the old version, but we offer you a Download GB WhatsApp APK. We all know what the original version can do and how its features. But if you are eager to know about the version and its Features, you can check our details or download the page where we have described more about it.

You can download a new version on downloadgbappapk even if you can almost all the versions. You can go to the download page, where you can find all the versions to download. They are highly virus-free servers, so all the files are safe and secure if you download them from our site.

Different Between WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp –

There are so many differences between GB WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp. Here, we are explaining only a few of them. But after downloading GB WhatsApp, you will know more about it.

Media Sharing

Generally, with the normal WhatsApp, you can send up to 15 MBs of files, images, or other documents. In that case, you must use other third-party sites or cloud sites to upload them. But in that application, you can send 200+ MB files, images, videos, or additional information or documents. 

Status Character Length

In normal WhatsApp, they allow you to put your status but in limit. You can’t put your status more than 139 characters in normal WhatsApp. While in that application, you can put your status within 255 characters, almost double the normal one.

Download Status

We all know about the WhatsApp status features. Everyone can put the status in WhatsApp, but you can’t download it into a normal one. While in that version, if you like someone’s status, you can download the status with that application. You can open any status, and you will get a download button.

Freeze Last Seen

You can’t freeze your last seen when you go online or use WhatsApp. You can hide it in the normal WhatsApp. While in that application, you can fix or Freeze the last seen to your WhatsApp users. So if you use WhatsApp, they will see your freeze last seen. From the above list, you can understand that you will have more features and functions or privacies that you want to do in normal WhatsApp. You can do that in GB WhatsApp.

There are more functions or privacies that you can do in that mod version. You can learn more about this application over the download page. You can go through the GB WhatsApp APK Download link to download that mod version.

Types of GB WhatsApp APK

GB Whatsapp APK is just like the original version but unavailable at the Google Play Store. It has outstanding features which make people curious to use this app. The main purpose of this app is to grab people and provide the advantage of unique features to them. Many APKs like GB WhatsAppGB WhatsApp Delta, and others also provide some special functions, but the leader is GB WhatsApp APK. If you want attributes of this APK, continue reading and see below what its features are and how long this APK is in size.

You already read about GB WhatsApp, which is another era of WhatsApp. In GB WhatsApp, you will find three versions in which GB WhatsApp is the primary, Pro, and Delta. We will describe these versions below of this page. We have already told you that you can’t download these versions or apps through Google Play Store because they haven’t yet been uploaded over Play Store. But no worries, there is still an option to install them through APKs.

You can learn more about the GB WhatsApp page, where we have described how to download and install GB WhatsApp. You can GB WhatsApp Download APK through the download page and install it according to the instructions. You can read about the features and other information which we have described on their page. 

Pro: –

Many users already tried the GB WHATSAPP APK, but some features are unavailable in that APK, so developers launched another mod APK named GB WhatsApp Pro. This APK holds back the customers by providing unique features that make it easy to use this APK. More than a billion users use the original version of WhatsApp, so what makes the users curious to use this APK, and how do we attract users to use this APK? There are lots of features that make it different from other mods like main and pro-APK, so we can tell you what features it is:-

Delta: –

In the modern days, every passing day, the upgradation and advancements in technology due to changing demand make life easy for people. So, most companies constantly update their apps. So the developers of GB WHATSAPP APK launched the modified or latest version in 2023 named Delta WhatsApp to download for free.

Whenever you launch any app, some people are in favor of using this app, and some haters criticize by saying that this app is all the same as other mods, i.e., main and PRO, and the features are also the same. But this app is the new or the latest version, which downloads from downloadgbappapk.

Why To Download GB WhatsApp Through APK Files?

In the above, we discussed this application and described that you can’t find it in Google Play Store, but why? There are several reasons behind installing that application through apk files. WhatsApp is already listed in the Google Play Store, so if you want to upload the version of the WhatsApp application, you can’t upload separately due to Google Policies.

You need to update your previous version with the help of the updated version. And GB WhatsApp is a third-party application that is against Google Policies. That’s why you can’t find it in the Google Play Store. Don’t panic to install GB WhatsApp through APK files. We have already described it very simply and how to install APK files. So you can download GB WhatsApp or other WhatsApp mod versions through APK files.


Is GB WhatsApp safe to download through APK files?

Yes, it’s completely safe if you are downloading through a secure server. Not everyone has a secure system, and on downloadgbappapk, all the files are stored in a safe and secure place that is safe to download on your mobile.

Why Install Through APK files

There are several reasons to download through APK files, which we have described above, but in short, that Application is a third-party application and its version. According to Google policies, you can’t upload two versions of one Application. That’s why Google doesn’t allow downloading them through Google Play Store. But still, you can install any application through APK files, which you can do for the Application.

Will it Work for iPhone?

Yes, it will work with iPhone, too. Some mod versions don’t work, but that Application will work on iPhones.

How can an MB File Be sent through that Application?

In normal WhatsApp, you can send the file in 15 MB or documents. But you can send 200 MBs of files or documents in that mod version of WhatsApp.

Will WhatsApp get banned from the Account if we use the mod version?

No, WhatsApp won’t delete your Account if you register or use a mod application on your mobile, as they are entirely safe.

Can we download multiple mod versions besides WhatsApp?

Yes, you can download multiple versions, even more than one version, on your mobile. You can create multiple accounts on them to use them. That’s another reason to download through APK files.

Do We need to root my phone to install GB WhatsApp?

No, you don’t need to use any root application or root directory on your mobile. You can directly download that Application through APK files without any trouble.

How to Install the Application after downloading the APK files?

You can check the installation process, which you can find above.

How Many Themes will it have?

We are talking about GB WhatsApp, which has no amount of themes. It has endless themes to use in your WhatsApp account.

How Many Forward Limit Will there be in the mod version?

In normal WhatsApp, you can only forward any message to 10 people. But in that mode version, you can send to around 200 persons, which is a fantastic feature