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AN WhatsApp Latest Version – 2023

Version 36 | Size 77.2 MB

One of the top-notch applications for messaging is WhatsApp, which is most commonly used for both personal and professional. After capturing a huge market with its excellent features & updates, WhatsApp has paused itself & again; new updates have yet to come into the market. So Innovative read the market demand for WhatsApp & launched their version & named AN WhatsApp.

AN WhatsApp download makes your work easier & less time-consuming than Green WhatsApp. The fact is, people are bored with the Green WhatsApp & spread a demand for new updates. AN WhatsApp did read the demand & implemented new features in this MOD of WhatsApp, keeping all the features of WhatsApp.

App Name AN WhatsApp APK
Root Permission Does not required
Last Updated 8 Hours Ago
Android Version Requires 4.4 and above
Latest Version v36
App Size 77.2 MB

AN WhatsApp APK Download

Well, in WhatsApp, you need to create profiles using DP images to update your Bio or many other options. In the bio section, regular WhatsApp allows you to put 130 Characters in Bio while in GB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, or different mod versions, you can put 250 characters in length. So, WhatsApp mod versions have more options as compared to other ones. You can use it to copy WhatsApp bio to put the bio part. Let’s talk more about AN WhatsApp.

What is AN WhatsApp?

In simple words, AN WhatsApp is the upgraded version of the original WhatsApp with more facilitated features & all the features of actual WA. The users demand the newly added features in AN WA to make the use more convenient. If you are a business owner & use WhatsApp for work, then it will improve your work & improve efficiency as well.

There are more features, so you can use WhatsApp WhatsApp messaging as you can use to send multiple messages. You can use AN WhatsApp for your business WhatsApp. You can also set an automatic reply to anyone messaging you or unable to reply immediately. You can also use it to send a large file. Furthermore, we will talk about features of AN WhatsApp to understand that WhatsApp mod versions have more features than normal ones.

Download AN WhatsApp APK

Features of AN WhatsApp –

As we all are using WhatsApp & it is very well known. That’s why we have explained all the new features added to this application. Some features of Old WA have been upgraded with their limits as well. Due to these upgraded features, the number of other applications people use has also reduced.

Messages Experience – 

The messaging experience of the application is beyond the original WhatsApp. You can edit the sent message. If the recipient has read the messages, you can edit them afterwards. After editing, an editing mark has been added to that message & indicates that the messages are edited.

An anti-delete feature has been added to this application, which is very dangerous for those who send the message & then delete it. But if you are a WhatsApp user, you can still see whether the deleted messages were deleted for everyone. Sender, they have deleted the messages, but you still have the record of these messages.

Automatic Reply – 

Yes! You are also allowed to send auto replies through AN WhatsApp. The most important feature for business account users & busy people who only have a little time to see or have many customer messages. In that case, you can enable the feature & the automatic replies will be sent from your end when someone messages you.

Large Files – 

In the original WhatsApp, you only sent files up to 25 MB, but these times, the limit is upgraded to 50 MB, which is also insufficient when you capture video through DLSR. Through the AN WhatsApp MOD, you can send video files up to 600 MB, sufficient for a high-quality short clip recorded. 

Besides this, unlike the original WhatsApp, you can send 60 images simultaneously. The limit in green WA is around 30, which is very low. So, this is the upgrade to 60 by the awesome mod of WA. The best part of this feature is the quality of the image or video file remains the same. This is like the standard WA, where the file quality will decrease & and the reason behind the file will be compressed while sending.

Download Status –

We all used other applications to download any status or a screen recorder to copy the status from WhatsApp, but AN WA has also been fixing this issue. If you like any status posted by your contact person, you can easily download that without using another application. A download button is on the bottom right of the status page. Also, the downloaded file will be directly saved into your mobile gallery with the same quality.

Hide Ticks – 

When we send messages first, the tick will represent the message sent from your end, and the second will identify the message received to receipt. Now, the blue tick means that the messages have been read. 

Can you hide the blue tick & the second tick from the message? The message will show only one tick to the sender & they think you are still offline, but you have seen the message already. That is a very cool feature of this WA mod, and you can also do a prank with your friends.

You can also freeze your last seen as well. Either you are offline or will be shown as online to others. That is also one of the cool features of AN WhatsApp.

Other Features – 

This MOD of WhatsApp features is not limited, so not all can be explained in words. Besides the above, too many other features are also added, like –

  • Lock the chat of your loved one or friend without locking complete WhatsApp.
  • Reject calls from your irritated contact without blocking them.
  • Customize theme options – change send button colour, appearance colour, Fonts & many other options.
  • Hide the forward tag from the message. You are going to forward it to others.
  • Anit–ban is also one of the most essential features.

Conclusion – 

Downloading AN WhatsApp means entering a new world where limitless features change your vision of WhatsApp. You can also contact the support team of AN WhatsApp for any issues or suggest useful features & they might update that in the next update. The support team’s contact medium is Telegram. downloadgbappapk is the best platform, where you will get download links for AN WhatsApp.