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Surprised and thinking about how to download WhatsApp Status? You will be surprised by this blog to be discussed downloading WhatsApp status and their profile. We all know about WhatsApp, a commonly used app among many social platforms, with huge usage worldwide. So you can connect with anyone with that social app.

The way WhatsApp gains the trust of its audience due to privacy security and encrypted messages option in the app makes it the most commonly used app, which is installed through Google Play Store and App Store. Many people are putting status or getting unique WhatsApp DP, which you may like mostly and want to download. So you will learn how to download WhatsApp status easily.

In WhatsApp, users can add their profiles or statuses anytime and show these statuses or profiles to anyone they want. When anyone can post a status on WhatsApp, some people want to download their status due to their good-looking and astonishing status. They search on other websites for good-looking status, but they can’t find it and become very sad.

Download WhatsApp Status:

Now, let’s talk about how to download Whatsapp statuses or profiles. Most people don’t know the answer to it. They can assume that it isn’t possible. Because in WhatsApp, downloading others’ statuses is impossible due to violating their trust. So you can only take a screenshot, or by using a screen recorder, you can only record video, but you can’t download it.

But surprisingly, the answer is ‘yes’ because the developers launched “FM Whatsapp,” where users can easily download statuses or profiles anytime without wasting time searching for the same type of status in the browser.

FM Whatsapp is a third-party APK, but it is a fully secure APK, and you have to know that almost all the apps downloaded from any browser are always in the form of an APK. The main reason behind this APK is that many users need help downloading the status on WhatsApp.

By downloading this APK on mobile, when you can see other’s status, there is an option at the top of the right corner to download that status in mobile’s file manager easily. Then you can post that status on your WhatsApp also.

FM WhatsApp is a mod of WhatsApp which is completely free and an upgraded version with more features as compared to FM WhatsApp. It has more options and more privacy which you can’t find in WhatsApp. You can hide your status or many other privacies which you can enable with the help of this WhatsApp Mod APK or version.

That APK will help you to download WhatsApp Status and profile photos too. In normal WhatsApp, generally, you can’t download anyone’s profile images as well as you can’t download WhatsApp Status. While in FM WhatsApp you can do so.

Other Source To Download WhatsApp Status?

Over Google or any other search engine, you can download WhatsApp Status which you can share over your WhatsApp. You can also download your name DP or A name DP from Google according to your name alphabet.

You can get more attractive and stylish pictures when you put them into your DP or your WhatsApp Status. If you don’t want to find or don’t have time to find the pictures over Google, then you can download anyone’s WhatsApp status. But don’t know how?

FM WhatsApp which is the WhatsApp mod, will help you to download status or profile pictures from WhatsApp. If you want to download that mod on your mobile, then you need to install it with the help of APK. Because all of the WhatsApp mods are not available in the Google Play Store you need to run them with APKs files, which you can download from downloadgbappapk.

This app is fully secure without any risk from any malware activities. You can download it not only for these particular features but also for many other features that may help to fulfil your requirements.

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