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Version 20.65.08 | Size 33.9 MB

We already have a modified version of WhatsApp but still, we are looking for a more functional messaging app that has cool and customized features as per the need. We all know everyone has their requirements and the way to fulfill these we have a customized platform. However, the official version of WhatsApp does not have these capabilities like other mods of WhatsApp. So, looking at the high demand for change in WhatsApp, one third-party app developer company introduced FM WhatsApp APK with a high number of cool features.

So, you can personalize your Messaging app in your way and can use them fluently. There are some other messaging apps that you can use instead of WhatsApp or WhatsApp mods. You can use Instagram Pro, FB Messenger, and many others. This Version was developed by the developers with all the basic features in the official version but the features which are available in this app will not be found in standard WhatsApp. There are other versions that you can use like WhatsApp Mix, JT WhatsApp APK, Fouad WhatsApp, etc.

App Name FM WhatsApp
Publish FM WhatsApp
Last Updated 1 Hours Ago
Android Version Requires 5.1 and above
Latest Version v20.65.08
App Size 33.9 MB

Introduction For FM WhatsApp: –

WA is one the most comfortable messaging apps & the FM MOD’s new update & latest version made it more efficient and convenient to use. Sending messaging is not only a feature WhatsApp has but you can use it for calls, video calls, voice notes, and sharing media as well. So you can share videos or image files through that mod version FM WhatsApp to your contact list up to 100 MB.

There are many video creators or image creator software like Canva, Kinemaster, and others. So after creating videos or images, you can share with the FM WhatsApp mod version instead of using cloud services. As WhatsApp officially has too many limitations during the above advantages FM WhatsApp crosses the limits and allows us unlimited features. So here we are going to know these features and show how it is too different from the official ones.

FM WhatsApp APK download

Control Functions: –

It has a similar function to call settings on our phones. We can block the person from calls who is bothering us but now, we can do the same in this FM APK as well. If you have blocked that person in your contact list, that person will not be able to contact you on either cellular or WhatsApp as well. You can send the message without saving the number in your contact. Unlike the Official version, you do not need to add a contact to your contact list and can message or call an update of FMWhatsApp.

You just need to click on the button to message a number and you can initiate the conversations. Nowadays, we can see that the forwarded tag in some of the messages represents the message that was forwarded from another person. FM WhatsApp develops the changes and you can send your message or media with disabling of forwarding.

So, the message sent by you can not be forwarded by the recipient. Sometimes we observed that the status was deleted by the posted person and we can not see that again. But in the world of FM WhatsApp APK, you can do so. If someone deleted their posted status, you can easily watch them again and again.

Privacy Options: –

You can hide your last seen and no one can see that, it sounds too old. What happens if you freeze your last seen? Yes!! It is possible with FM WhatsApp. You can hide your last seen or can freeze it as well, so the person tracking will get wrong. Another privacy feature with FM WhatsApp is that you can see the status of other persons without knowing them. Like a ghost, you can see their status and they do not even see that it has this hidden feature.

One more amazing feature of FM WhatsApp is you can remove the blue tick and double tick from the send or read messages. No one can know whether you have read the message even if you are online or offline as the message will not double-tick. This can help you to hide your visibility from the internet. You can hide your typing and recording audio notifications as well from others.

Other Capabilities Of FM WhatsApp APK: –

We all have dual sim phones but we are still using one WhatsApp. With this APK, you can use the official version as well so you can use multiple WhatsApp without logging out of the other one. Auto reply facility is very useful for business accounts and FM WhatsApp has this functionality to keep engaging customers. Would you like to download WhatsApp statuses or profiles?

Generally, you can only see the status of another person who can post their status on WhatsApp, but if you like the status of that person and want to download that status, then you can’t. In WhatsApp, there is no option to download anyone’s status. So, for you, there is FM WhatsApp, where this feature is available. You can download FM WhatsApp, and then you can Download WhatsApp Status.

When you see the status of another person and like that status very much, then there is the option of downloading WhatsApp status shown right above the status. We discuss this topic in depth in our blogs section, where you can read it. You can set custom templates with greeting messages, and call-back messages when you are away from your phone. Sharing media through Standard WhatsApp is too hectic, as you cannot share more than 30 images at one time even you can not share files more than 15 MB. But this app will enable the limit to 700 MB for mega files like HD Films. Even you the media sharing limit has been increased from 30 as well.

These are some basic functions that we all get while using the app but too many other new functions & updates you get when downloading FM WhatsApp APK 2023. The latest (terbaru) version (versi) of FMWhatsApp MOD is the second most downloaded APK after GB WhatsApp 2022 – 2023.

Downloading and Installing: –

You can download FM WhatsApp APK’s new update & latest version from downloadgbappapk website for free & install it securely.