Fouad WhatsApp Download Free (Updated) 2023

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp APK for Android Version

Version 9.71 | Size 70.43 MB

We all know about the WA MODs, like why they are discovered and what characteristics are built. Fouad WhatsApp is an advanced version with hundreds of new features to improve your chatting experience. Many of us use WhatsApp MOD because we are either bored with the green color or prefer to be open. Original WA has several barriers or limitations, so using the application always feels like a boundary. If someone has used WhatsApp MOD, they will never look back to the original WA. Expect a good chatting experience. It is easy to use with its good interface, not too much tricky, and functionality.

App Name Fouad WhatsApp
Last Updated 8 Hours Ago
Android Version Requires 5.1 and above
Latest Version v9.71
App Size 70.43 MB

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is a third-party web development developed by Fouad MODs. The latest version of Fouad WhatsApp is 9.71, with the last update on 29 June 2023. The latest Fouad WhatsApp works properly, only Android version 5.1 or higher. This Mod of WhatsApp has top-notch functions, making it a cool and loveable application. Its end-to-end encryptions allow maximum security for your messages and calls. It also has many other security and personalized features such as DND Mode, Auto replies, Message scheduling, anti-ban, anti-delete, Hide availability notifications, and many more like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, MB WhatsApp, and other mods of WhatsApp. Let’s begin counting the Advantages and Disadvantages to clarify our thoughts on downloading or not Fouad WhatsApp. Mostly, you will find advantages of the Fouad WhatsApp.

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Advantages of Fouad WhatsApp


It has no limit to customization ability to improve customer engagement with new looks and features. New themes, languages, New WhatsApp Fonts, and New stickers complement this mod. Fouad WhatsApp already has endless themes, which you can use and customize easily.


It is a common phonemical that everyone is always concerned with their privacy, and Fouad WhatsApp provides many privacy options. You can hide your presence from the internet, whether online or offline, by means you can hide or freeze your online status, Typing, reading receipts, and many more things. So you will see many privacies features that you can find only in WhatsApp mod versions like Fouad WhatsApp.

Multi logins

You can use two WhatsApp in one phone at a time, which means two numbers can be used for WhatsApp in one Android device: one with original WhatsApp and one with Fouad WhatsApp. It will work like a second WhatsApp. So, you can use multiple versions of WhatsApp to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on one mobile.


Enhanced media sharing limits compared to Standard WA, and the best part is that the quality will remain the same. So you do not need to use another file-sharing APK to share large files. That version will share Up to 200 MB of files you can share with the help of mod versions. Some may have up to 100 MB, but mostly allow you to send 200 MB of files.


You can hide your status from particular contacts and show it to particular persons. It also has anti-delete functions, which means you can see the deleted status of others and download them as well. You can copy the text status from others’ profiles without knowing them. You can download anyone’s status without any trouble or any third-party tool.


Shake your WhatsApp to discover new friends without asking them for their contact details. Yes!!! You can create contact by shaking your WhatsApp. This mod of APK easily works for shy people.

Spam Detector

We all receive fake calls and texts daily, sometimes direct text messages, but nowadays, spammers generate leads through messengers like WhatsApp. When they try to contact you through an unknown number by calling on WhatsApp, it becomes annoying, and you cannot judge that call without picking it up. But Fouad WhatsApp has caller ID, and you can know the details of unknown calls or messages. So you can easily understand whether to accept or deny.

Forward Messages

Would you like your WhatsApp forward messages to an unlimited contact person? Generally, in WhatsApp, you can forward messages to five people simultaneously. But when you need to forward messages to more than five people, you need to forward messages two to three times, like first sending to five people, then again sending to another five people. It consumes more time to send it. But in Fouad WhatsApp, you can forward messages to unlimited people and save precious time to work on other works.


  • Fouad WhatsApp is not listed on the Play Store. So, you need to update your application by searching the website.
  • The WhatsApp payment feature is not available in this mod.

These are some new functions enabled by Fouad WhatsApp rather than Original WA. Now, we go to questions that you should know before installing WhatsApp.


Q. Is it safe to download WhatsApp Mod?

A: Yes, downloading Fouad WhatsApp Mod is safe and secure as it is end-to-end encrypted.

Q. Will my original WhatsApp Account be banned?

A: No, this mod of WhatsApp has a ban facility, as your original WhatsApp will not ban your phone number. The developers of this mod focused on security and privacy features.

Q. Fouad WhatsApp free or paid?

A. You can download and Install Fouad WhatsApp free from downloadgbappapk website; there is no need to pay any pennies while registering. So, all the features can be enjoyed free of cost and double your excitement. Please ensure several websites charge lots to download or at the time of installation, so keep aware of these scammers.


As there are a billion of the population are using WhatsApp, and millions of them are using WhatsApp MOD. Also, we know that WhatsApp mod has many extra features than the original WhatsApp, so we suggest using the original WhatsApp for those who do not need the extra features.