GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest v17.51 Official Anti-Ban & Safe 2023

GBWhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro APK

Version 17.51 | Size 68.98 MB

As we all know communication with overseas contacts is getting easier day by day and importantly free and all is because of the Internet. As technology rises day by day at light speed and makes our life super comfortable. This time we are using many ways of communication like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, and many more. But we are coming to the logic of instant and user-friendly messaging apps, our thoughts, create a green theme in our mind i.e., WhatsApp.

 APP NAMEGB WhatsApp Pro
Last Update8 Hours Ago
 SIZE68.98 MB
 MOD INFONot Root Required

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download

What Is GB WhatsApp Pro?

It is the most convenient application among 3 billion people and its cool features like call, status, instant messaging, and sharing media make WhatsApp fabulous and more important than other messaging apps. Also, we all know that everything has its limitations and sometimes these limitations distract us from choosing another option. 

WhatsApp official version has the same things, like you cannot send files above 15 MB, can’t send 30+ media at one time, Status mode, and many other functions that we face in our life while using the application. But the technology is unstoppable and some developers introduce us to GB WhatsApp APK.

This is a simple messaging application with all the features of standard WhatsApp and 10+ other features as well. As it is not an official version the legal team of WhatsApp took action and asked the developers to delete the application. So, another team of developers continued the path of change and developed the GB WhatsApp Pro APK. It has cool features like GB WhatsApp and extra as well. Here are the small descriptions of the cool features.

gb whatsapp pro download apk

Why To Download GB WhatsApp Pro

There are many reasons to download GB WhatsApp Pro, which you will read in the features part. These features part will help to download that application. In WhatsApp, everything whatever you want to do is limited. If you send a small file to anyone, you must use cloud services even when you have WhatsApp.

There are many extra features you will get in GB WhatsApp Pro. You can download GB WhatsApp Pro through APK files by clicking the download button. GB WhatsApp Pro App will help make your life easier and reduce time. That’s the main reason GB WhatsApp Pro Download and install on your mobile to use it. Now the question is how it will save your time.

It has many features like file sharing of around 100 MB file, Message scheduler facilities, Auto reply, more themes, and many other extra features you will have as compared to other mod versions. Below, you can read more about the features of that application. You can reduce your time if you send any media file. A small media file created by mobile or any other application like Canva Pro, Kinemaster, or any other. You can share images or video files without using cloud services to upload them.

You directly share to your contact list but not with regular WhatsApp; that is possible with a mod version called GB WhatsApp Pro Download or installed on your mobile. GB WhatsApp Pro APK will work like a normal one, but it was made by 3rd party, not with the actual one. They use the WhatsApp database through API, so you can use the name number you used in the normal one. You can even use it as a 2nd WhatsApp. So if you need multiple WhatsApp on your mobile, GB WhatsApp pro download on your mobile or other mods versions like OG WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, etc.

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro

There are many features that you can find in GB WhatsApp Pro as compared to WhatsApp but not with GB WhatsApp. There is not much difference between GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro. We will talk more about the GB WhatsApp Pro features. 

File Sharing

The file sharing size limit is too narrow in the official version but the updated GB WhatsApp Pro crosses the limit and takes it to 100 MB. You can share any type of documents or media file up to 100 MB audio files, and 50 MB videos through GB WhatsApp Pro. Not only the size has been increased but you can send 100 images at one time.


Unlike Standard WhatsApp, the privacy feature is limited in this version but you will get advanced privacy buttons to protect your data and discreetness. You can see others’ statuses and messages without letting them know. You can hide your details like sending your status to limited, showing last seen to limited, and showing your profile pictures to the limited contacts. Moreover, It will remove the blue ticks and double ticks from the messages.

Message Scheduler

You can schedule your message for a particular time to save time and by showing punctuality. This cool feature saves from the many hassles like forgetting and sending wishes on time at 12 O’clock.

Messaging Ad-Ons

You can set auto replies for your business account. Yes! New messages arrive in your business account and you can set greeting messages and call-back templates in GB WhatsApp Pro. This will help to show your customer service and increase good output.

You can react to messages with multiple emojis to show your mood status to the sender. Also, it has an extra feature of anti-delete means if someone sends you a message and wants to delete it for everyone like the official version. Then the sender can’t do so and the message will appear in your conversations.

Key Points of GB WhatsApp Pro APK -:

  • Send files up to 100 MB
  • Send multiple files in once up to 100
  • Activate DND mode
  • Anti-Delete for Everyone
  • New WhatsApp Fonts, multiple languages
  • Create and use your own theme
  • Auto reply and schedule messages
  • Hide status, and profile picture for selected contacts
  • Send a message without saving a number
  • Enable Password
  • Change in Media Player
  • Self-Customized Themes

How to Download -:

Downloading GB WhatsApp Pro is similar to other versions of WhatsApp. You need to click on some download links on our website and you will reach to download button. Once the WhatsApp APK downloads in your Android, just hit the install button to begin the installation. Basic Requirements for Installation -:

  1. This app is not available on the Play Store, so can download it from downloadgbappapk free of cost and free of viruses.
  2. You can start the Installation with only Android devices with Android version 4.0 or above.
  3. You need to allow some permission like installing the app from an unknown source in your phone settings.
  4. Make sure your device has enough space to install and download smoothly.
  5. Once the GB WhatsApp Pro is installed on your phone, open it register, or log in.


As we have discussed earlier the GB WhatsApp Pro is not the official version of WhatsApp, that’s why it is not available on the Google Play Store. Rest assured, it is super safe for your device in perspective of viruses and data as well. You can enjoy uninterrupted services of the latest technology to make personal and professional life easier.