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JTWhatsApp MOD Latest Version

Version 9.66 | Size 56.8 MB

In every sector, they are always a king in search engines. We can call Google a king; we always put the iPhone among all brands in mobile. Like JTWhatsApp APK, we create an image of WhatsApp in our mind, proving that WhatsApp has many global users. Around the world, multiple messaging applications are available, and the number of WhatsApp users is increasing day by day. Technology is endless, but WhatsApp has limitations, and some developers have tried to fix these limitations and invented WhatsApp MODs.

App Name WhatsApp JIMODs APK (JT WhatsApp)
Root Permission Does not required
Last Updated 8 Hours Ago
Android Version Requires 4.0+ and above
Latest Version Latest
App Size 56.8 MB

What is JT WhatsApp?

Wattsapp JT is one of the WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp GBWhatsApp Plus, or OG WhatsApp. JTWhatsApp is the best and most demanded WhatsApp MOD cause of these ultimate features. As we all know, using WhatsApp mod might ban your account from WhatsApp, and you cannot use WhatsApp with that number. But still, it’s secure, and they refused your number because you are not using the original one.

The Atualizado version of WhatsApp JT 2021, 2022 & 2023 has an anti-ban feature & that will save you from getting banned, so it is safe to use the new JT WhatsApp. Due to its attractive interface and messaging experience, it attracts WhatsApp Green users. Read detailed features of JTWhatsApp+ with Downloading and Installation process.

JT WhatsApp Advantage

This mod of WhatsApp merged all the basic features of a messaging application and imported enhanced features that improve the user experience and capabilities. Many other WhatsApp mods work like that. In some, you can customize your theme, and some allow you to send up to 200 MB of files. In JT WhatsApp, you will find many different features, which you will love because they are unique compared to the original ones. Here we have explained a few of them –

Amazing Transformation 

Do you need help with using the same or common WhatsApp themes? Do you want to customize WhatsApp themes according to you? Like the other mods, it also has customized theme options, but the customization capability in JT WhatsApp is next level to the different modes. You can customize your font with the size & style as it has Aesthetic Fonts. Its amazing look will give you the finest user experience with a wide collection of themes.

Read Deleted Messages

If someone sends you a message and deletes it immediately and is curious to know about that message, you can use WhatsApp mods. JT WhatsApp allows you to read and delete messages by someone or your partner. In most mod versions of WhatsApp, you can read deleted messages while you can’t do that in the original one. That’s the reason behind downloading JT WhatsApp or mod versions & you can download latest version from downloadgbappapk.

JT WhatsApp APK Download

Privacy & Security

Security and Privacy are some of the best features of JT WhatsApp jimods. Hiding last seen, double tick, typing, and online is easily possible with this mod. You even activate the DND mode and freeze the last scene when you are in the middle of something and do not want to be disturbed. You can see additional information about the person you are chatting with, and you can see the location of the others.

Media & File Sharing Limit 

Sharing images, videos, or files is limited in Official WhatsApp, but in JT WhatsApp mod, you will find more features and can increase your limit by mod versions. File size and media quality will remain identical to its original while sharing through JTWhatsApp. Moreover, the image sharing limit is 50+ at one time compared to Official WhatsApp, which is only 30. So you don’t need to send images in the batch of 30 images. You can increase your media limit with the help of JT WhatsApp or other WhatsApp mods.

Anti-Ban, Anti Delete

Sometimes, we lose the messages our friends or family sent because they have been deleted as “Delete for Everyone”, but JT WhatsApp stores the messages. You can see that message in your chat room without downloading other applications. It’s not even a message, but you can also see the deleted status. Anti-ban means it will protect your mobile number from getting banned from WhatsApp.

Status and Message 

You can download the status of others without using other APKs and upload the status for more than 30 seconds. Enable the ability to copy & paste other statuses and write status up to 250 characters. You can pin messages, edit your sent messages, send messages as a ban to forward, and have many other features.

  • You can send long files up to 100+ MB and share pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vCard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx, and zip.
  • You can share chats without using Google services and directly through settings.
  • You can customize everything within the app, like theme, colour, Icons, Font size, and Font style.
  • The download process is the same as other MOD of WhatsApp, and you allow the download of unknown sources from the phone settings and install them easily.

Disadvantage of JT WhatsApp:

We have already discussed the advantages of JT WhatsApp. But another question is in your mind: is there any disadvantage to using that application, or is it harmful to mobile or phone numbers? We will say no. There is no disadvantage to using that application. As you read above, there are many advantages to using JT WhatsApp.

You will always benefit from downloading the mods versions because they will have more options, making your life easier. There are many mods versions which you can use for your business purposes, too. Also, they are secure to use, so there is no issue with downloading JT WhatsApp on your mobile.


Everyone in this world wants to get upgraded like the technology is doing, and the demand is rising daily. So the demand for upgradation in daily use applications also increased, and we need a cool looking & smooth working application. JT Whatsapp is safe & installed on Android; do not worry about data privacy as JT Whatsapp is as safe as the original WA. So download and enjoy with JTWhatsApp Actualizado new Version.