Download MB WhatsApp App APK – 2023


MB WhatsApp for Android Users

Version 9.72 | Size 6.0 MB

Whatsapp has gained huge popularity in the world in terms of chatting or communicating with your friends. Having millions of users, WhatsApp has also launched many updated features or options by which you can do your friendly conversation with complete security. You need to keep your security whenever you use any social media application. Choosing WhatsApp MB rather than official WhatsApp or other WhatsApp Mods such as JT WhatsApp, or Fouad WhatsApp is best for you to keep your data secure.

MBWhatsApp latest version is the more customized or advanced version of the original WhatsApp. For getting the best experience in communicating people are demanding more updates or changes in WhatsApp that they don’t get in official WhatsApp. Because of this, most users prefer to link their WA account with the MB WhatsApp app APK.

This mbwa ( MBWhatsApp ) is best for taking care of conversations and the privacy that you need. There are many concepts that you should know by downloading the MB WhatsApp APK. The user interface of this application is very easy and provides a direct ability to send messages to their friends, and family members personally or by making a group.

App Name MB WhatsApp
Last Updated 9 Hours Ago
Android Version Requires 5.1 and above
Latest Version v9.72
App Size 6.0 MB

What is MB WhatsApp?

Before getting started, you need to understand properly about MB WhatsApp. It’s called MB WhatsApp new version which is modified for the users in terms of communication with a standard privacy experience. This application is not launched by the official WhatsApp itself but is called the latest version which is called MB WhatsApp.

One of the main reasons behind the increase in the popularity of this WhatsApp is additional options or user experience that you do not get in the original WhatsApp. This app completely works like the original WhatsApp but has a different increase in features while exchanging messages with one another.

In short, it refers to the updated version of the original WhatsApp where users can freely use the features and customizing options. Users get the ability to send emojis more than the original WhatsApp for their family and friends in a few clicks.


Why Download MB WhatsApp?

It’s enough to understand MB WhatsApp now we discuss why you should download atualizado version of MB WhatsApp (MBWA) on iOS or your Android device. One of the common reasons that make your mind to download MB WhatsApp is that official WhatsApp for communicating with you had observed that official WhatsApp provides limited features or access when you use WhatsApp for chatting with friends – and family or sharing personal life statuses.

You can share your text via WhatsApp or you can Copy Paste Text with other online text tools. As we discussed earlier, there are numerous specifications that we provide you whenever you use our MB WhatsApp app. Using this MB WhatsApp is good for you but it is also harmful.

When any developer or the original WhatsApp detects that your MBMods version is not safe for the users in terms of their data. It provides advanced privacy such as you get extra chat privacy whether you delete, or block messages, freeze out the last seen of your account, and many more like it.

Downloading the latest version of MB WhatsApp provides you free access to thousands of emojis, themes, cool fonts, and stickers with the option of customizing them. Getting the MB WhatsApp through the official site is not possible. You can download the latest version of this Whatsapp APK from downloadgbappapk site which usually takes a few seconds. 

What are the features of MBWhatsapp?

It is also called the late or Atualizado version of WhatsApp. Have you ever thought about the features of MBWhatsapp APK? Do features of the original WhatsApp are similar to the MB WhatsApp or different? You will see lots of differences after reading about its features. 

To remove any type of confusion, you will reduce by downloading MB WhatsApp on your mobile. And you will learn more about the benefits you get by downloading the MB WhatsApp ask.

Whatsapp Lock

One of the best features that you love in MB WhatsApp is WhatsApp lock. Sometimes you have to lock the entire phone because of setting privacy only on the WhatsApp application. But it is helpful for you providing you with the lock or fingerprint security, especially for this apk. Here you can set your fingerprint, PIN, pattern, or the from your application interface.

Show Blueticks After the Reply

My most loved feature is showing the blue tick when you reply to any message. Yes, it’s true. You had seen that normal blue tick appear when you read out the message. But in the MB WhatsApp app, you can read the message or if you are interested or reply to the message then a blue tick will appear on the sender’s message otherwise he/she doesn’t know whether you read the message or not.

Anti-Delete Status

You have noticed that whenever you put any status on your WhatsApp it gets deleted after 24 hours automatically. Once you put a status then it will only delete after 24 hours but MB WhatsApp is not like that. It will prevent you from deleting the status before 24 hours manually. You do not need to wait for 24 hours to delete a particular status from MBWhatsapp.

Calling Privacy

Yes, this privacy is also called “ who can call me ?” which limits the contact who can contact you by using WhatsApp. You can choose your favourite contact and only provide them with the ability to call you by excluding some contacts. Here you can also choose the “ nobody” option where no one can call you through WhatsApp without your permission.

Tag forward disabling

As a WhatsApp user, you have seen that whenever you send a message or media file to your contact there is an option called “ Forward “which you can see at the top. Generally, it indicates that any message is forwarded to you by a third party. It allows you to disable the forwarding option with the help of privacy settings.

Anti-view and Auto-reply

Another best feature is when you download MB WhatsApp App APK terbaru on iOS or Android 2022 – 2023. In original WhatsApp, you can directly view the message or media when anyone sends it to you or you send it to anyone. But with the anti-view option, you can allow your users to only view the message or media for one time.

The next feature included in it is auto reply where you can set reply for incoming messages that are sent automatically to people who send you messages doesn’t matter what time they send them to you. Your auto-set reply will be sent automatically to them.

Profile photo and reactions 

When you download that application you see that you get the ability for giving reactions to the messages that you get from your contacts. It works by pressing the messages for a long time and clicking on your desired emoji.

On the other hand, the profile photo feature allows you to put your desired photo from your gallery, and also click directly through your camera or put instantly on your profile photo.

Other Versions Of MB WhatsApp

As far as we know three versions have been launched to date of MB WA & the download link is available here.