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We all know about WhatsApp, the most significant communication app to communicate worldwide easily. Nowadays, WhatsApp works like social media. OG WhatsApp is one of the versions of WhatsApp with extra features and functions.  It will work the same but with more limitations like forwarding messages to multiple, hiding your typing status, or many others. You use many other communication applications, like Telegram, Signal, etc. And you can use Instagram Pro, which is also used for messaging.

In this digital world, we are surrounded by mobile Applications and PC software & they both make our lives super easy. We can perform our daily work efficiently at less expense through all these digital things. In this blog, we will talk about the messaging application WhatsApp. We all know about WhatsApp; it is a choice of millions & all are using it daily.

Due to its frequent use, it has become popular & essential for everyone for their personal & some are using it for business purposes as well. There are too many similar applications in the market currently, but it needs to be updated & convenient to use. Also, it has many features, which attract the users, but after all these, the market demand for the extra & with free tag.

This can only be done by the cracked versions & MOD versions. OG WhatsApp can be introduced as the MOD version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp we are getting downloaded from Google Play Store or new phones it is already installed. This green WhatsApp is the original version of WhatsApp or, say, the standard one. OG WhatsApp has all green WA features without limitations & extra customization features as well.

App Name OG WhatsApp APK
Version v17.52
Size 68.9 MB
Android version Android 5 and above
Root permissions Does not require
Last update  1 Days Ago

What is OG WhatsApp?

The name is described; it is a version of WhatsApp, or in other words, can say it is a WA MOD. As these are the MOD versions, they are not available on the Google Play Store. So, the download & installation process of OG WhatsApp APK differs from the other applications we download from the Play Store. So OG WhatsApp combines the Standard WA with all the new & advanced features.

Green WA has limitations of use, such as message forwarding, status, privacy & many others. And these all are the standard features being used frequently by everyone. OG WhatsApp breached all the limitations & expanded the limits to the next level.

As third-party developers develop OG WhatsApp, it is as secure as Original WhatsApp. Because of this, it is not listed on the Google Play Store, but if you get OG WhatsApp APK Download from downloadgbappapk.com, it will not impact your privacy. Click here or go to our download page for Download OG WhatsApp APK files.

Also, our website is scanned by our IT team daily for unwanted & potential downloads. So it is safe to download from our website for your phone; unlike the others offered, other applications get downloaded in the background. Now, go back to the features of OG WhatsApp & know why it differs from the original WA.

og whatsapp download apk

Why to use OG WhatsApp:

People are using WhatsApp mod versions due to limitations in regular WhatsApp. Generally, those running a business, whether small or big, are using WhatsApp messaging. Before WhatsApp, they used to send text messages on mobile phones, but currently, they are doing WhatsApp messaging. In that scenario, regular ones have limitations to use.

You can’t send more messages, can’t forward messages to your contact list, and many others. There are many benefits to using OG WhatsApp, which you can learn in the features part. But in short, if you want to remove your limitation in WhatsApp, download OG WhatsApp or other mod versions.

On downloadgbappapk, you can find around 20+ WhatsApp mod APK, which help make your life easier personally and professionally. Mainly, that version is helpful for a person who transfers images or videos regularly with anyone, a business partner or colleague. You can say blogger who captures photos in bulk or creates multiple videos.

Nowadays, if you are sending large files, you need to use cloud services and upload all the files. After that, you need to share the link to whom you want to share, which is a lengthy process. But with the help of OG WhatsApp, you can send files through WhatsApp.

Other Mod Versions Like OG WhatsApp

You can find many mod versions on our site, and all have different features you can learn from our site. Here are the top-notch versions that people are mostly using. You can check out all the WhatsApp mod APKs to download them. But before downloading any mod versions, you can read about that version. Here are some of the most popular mod versions of WhatsApp.

  1. GB WhatsApp: The GB WhatsApp version is more popular than regular ones, and millions of users are using that mod as you can find many extra features compared to regular WhatsApp. And that version is safer compared to others. That’s why people use that version to take benefits of features.
  2. MB WhatsApp: This is another popular version of MB WhatsApp where you can have more options than other versions. You can read about the MB WhatsApp on our page where we have described about the MB WhatsApp.

Features of OG WhatsApp

Some basic and commonly used WhatsApp features are sending messages, statuses, sharing media, forwarding, or deleting messages. But as you have used the original WA, you can notice that every activity you do has a barrier. You have to use them under the limit, such as compressed quality while sharing the media, can’t download other statuses, and can forward messages to a limited number of persons simultaneously.

These are the basic features we frequently use & the OG WhatsApp breaks all the fencing & you can use all these features freely with extended limits. The brief we have explained below, so before OG WhatsApp download, read all the features –

Schedule Messaging & Auto Reply –

We are not perfect & in our busy lives, we forget many things and forget to send a WhatsApp message. It is not a big deal; everyone does this often. WhatsApp OG solved this; you can schedule messages now. Imagine you will be on the drive for the next 2 hours & not able to use the phone or the internet connection, but you must send a message then.

In that case, you can schedule a message & it will be automatically sent even if you are out of the internet. Auto reply means you can send some greetings or busy messages without wasting your time typing. It is beneficial for busy people or when using WhatsApp for business.

They can send greeting messages to your customers, such as if your official time of response is 10 AM to 6 PM, you can set an autoreply for time after 6 PM to next 10 AM & your customer will feel delighted. So, it is an essential feature of message scheduling & autoreply, and this is not in the green WhatsApp.

Download Status/stories –

Heading has been cleared for all the topics. Yes, you can download status & stories posted by your friend or any person from your contact. This is also a very demanded feature by the users of WhatsApp, but the original WhatsApp still needs to deliver it. The incredible feature can change the taste from Green WA to OG WhatsApp. You can hide your story or status from a particular person too.

Send messages and calls to a Number –

WhatsApp only allows you to call or message a number not on your contact list. So, to call or send messages on an unknown number, you need to save them to your phone, unlike the original WhatsApp. So, it will not increase your contact list & save time.

Increase sending Limits & Quality –

As you have noticed, WhatsApp has a limit of 30 images that can be sent at one time, but in OG WhatsApp Pro, you can send 90 images simultaneously. You can send large files of more than 25MB, not only the image limits, but in WhatsApp, it is 25. Other than these, the quality of the media file you have shared will not compressed & will remain in the original form. This is also the most helpful feature; otherwise, people use other software for the same quality for image or video transfer.

Text status & Group Name Length –

When creating a group, you get a group name limit of 25 characters only, like the text status size is 139, which is also limited. In WhatsApp, you can write your text status in 256 characters & the group name can be in 35 characters.

Download & Installation –

We know the development of this application is done by the 3rd party, not the original WhatsApp team. Also, the WhatsApp MOD will not be available on the Play Store due to legal issues. So, firstly, this WA MOD can be downloaded on Android only and is not available for iPhone users. So, if it is not listed on the Play Store, how can you download it and use the features?

OG WhatsApp Download is attached to the download button. Once you download it on your phone, follow the steps: how to install it? You will get the details in an easy step & do not panic. It will be a straightforward step to follow & if you still have any issues, please let us know through the comment box.

Cons of OG WhatsApp –

Every application has its benefits & cons, so we must focus on them. Features, we have explained to you already, but if we talk about the negative about the application, your account might be banned from WhatsApp. But OG WhatsApp’s latest version download has antiban features uploaded, which prevent you from getting banned. But we suggest you take precautions & don’t use your account with the MOD versions.

Also, you can’t download these applications on your iOS devices. If you have an Android phone with a 4.5 version or more, you can download that WhatsApp mod on your mobile. 

Conclusion –

At the end of the story, we suggest you use OG WhatsApp’s new version as it has antiban features, protecting your account from getting banned. Also, on short notice, always use your alternate phone number for this application. There is nothing to worry about; it is super safe to use, but after all that, you should take precautions. Please don’t pay any amount to get this application; it is freely available on downloadgbappapk.com.