Send 100 MB files without any Cloud services

How do you Send 100 MB files without any Cloud services?

Want to send 100 MB files to anyone without any cloud services? We all know about cloud services, where we can send up to 5 GB files to anyone. But the problem is that we must upload and share files with anyone. It takes time to share or upload the file on any cloud service. So it’s a little bit of a headache to do so when your file is just 100 MB file.

Many cloud services allow you to send files up to 5 GB, like Google Drive, Mega, etc. But if you want to just a small file like 100 MB, in that case, you can use WhatsApp Mod versions like GB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, or many more to send 100 MB files.

Do you know you can send 100 MB files with WhatsApp? It looks like a joke or kidding with us. Not really, but you can send up to 100 MB files over WhatsApp. In that case, you must have GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp mod versions on your mobile that help yo send files.

WhatsApp mod versions are third-party applications with extra features that you won’t get into normally. With a normal one, you can send only 15 MB of files, which is quite a bit. But you can use any WhatsApp mod version if your file is 100 or up to 100 MB.

Some WhatsApp mods don’t allow sending more than 25 or 50 MB of files. So before downloading, you can read about the information about WhatsApp mods. If you don’t have much more time, you can download GB WhatsApp to send up to 100 MB files or documents to anyone.

How to use WhatsApp mod to send 100 MB Files?

It’s very simple to use the WhatsApp mod as it will work like the normal one. There is no difference if we talk about the uses. It will work the same but with some extra features. So, if you want to use additional features, you can check mark that option in the settings part.

You can download any WhatsApp mod or download GB WhatsApp to send 100 MB Files. Now, the question is where to download them because they are hidden, and you can use them by downloading APK files. After downloading, you can register with your WhatsApp number to use. You can select the contact to whom you want to send the file.

No additional thing is required to send 100 MB files through the mod versions. After installation on your mobile, it will work like the normal one, and you can select the contact to send the file to anyone as we do in the normal one.

Types of Files Which You Can Send?

We know we always have different files like videos, documents, zip, exe, or other file extensions. Whenever we create videos with the help of various applications like Instagram Pro, Canva Mod, Kinemaster, or others, which are large files like up to 100 MB, you can use GB WhatsApp to share them.

When you send EXE or installation files through emails, you can’t do that in that case. But you can send that kind of file through mod versions. So, sending the file through WhatsApp mod versions has so many benefits.

Is using the WhatsApp mod version safe to send 100 MB files?

Yes, mod versions are safe as they don’t require your personal information to sign up. You can register with the same number you used in the original one. Generally, you can use them for the business purpose or made for the business purpose.

They all have many more features and mod versions. You can do marketing as they allow you to move the 10+ forwarding to your contact list, you can download the status, or many other features they have to use on your mobile.

So they are made for business purposes and entirely safe to send 10 MB files to your contact list. Also, you don’t need to use cloud services like Mega, Google Drive, or other online cloud services. Even you don’t need to have a PC to send the file.

You can send files through your communication app called WhatsApp. But you can send through mod versions, as the normal don’t allow you to send the file. downloadgbappapk allows you to download the latest version of this MOD version.



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