Send Auto reply in WhatsApp

Do you know how to send auto replies in WhatsApp? We all are using smartphones, whether they are Android or Windows. All smartphones have some essential applications, and WhatsApp is one of the most demanded applications. Due to its ultimate features for personal & professional use make, WhatsApp, the most downloaded application & WhatsApp business, has also been launched in the market. In the downloadgbappapk blog, we are explaining how to send auto-replies in the WhatsApp Business Account.

Well, WhatsApp business accounts have multiple features, but in this blog, education is all about sending auto replies in WhatsApp. There are various ways to perform such a process, and both methods are totally poles apart.

Need of Auto Reply Feature in WhatsApp –

As we know, all the features added to WhatsApp have been done with the user experience in mind. This is most useful for business account users, where the contact medium is WhatsApp. So, when the user sends messages on WhatsApp, it will send an auto-reply in WhatsApp conversion to the sender.

It will save you time typing or copy-paste timing for everyone. If someone is interested in your product or services, they will message you again or approach you again. So, it will also work as a filter for spammers.

You can send any message, but it will always be the same for all. Either it is a greeting message, or you can use Attitude Shayari for your promotion or to attract the customer.

Send Auto Reply in WhatsApp through MOD versions –

As we know, there is always a cracked version growing in parallel with the original version. Likewise, WhatsApp also has too many mod versions available on the market, and GB WhatsApp is the most downloadable mod version these days. Besides these other mod versions like JT WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp is also one of them.

In these versions, you can perform all the features that are available in the personal version of WhatsApp & the Business version of WhatsApp. After all, that mod version has many other features that have also been added. If you are using a WhatsApp Business account, you should try the WA MOD version to send auto reply in WhatsApp.

Using the mod version solves your problems, like you can use the same number for business & personal use.

Send Auto Reply in WhatsApp Without Other Application –

To send an auto-reply to your WhatsApp business account, you should follow some steps in your WhatsApp. You can edit or remove the auto-reply anytime from your account. So, the steps are simple & easily understandable on how to send auto replies in WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp Business Account.
  • Now, Go to settings from the Three Dots.
  • Here, the first option is Business Tools, and click on it.
  • Again, a list of multiple options is here; you should click on “Away Message.”
  • Turn off the send-away message & write your letter in the box.

After all this, you will ask for timing & recipients for auto reply. You can choose your time of sending, or you can use the default always send button where your auto-reply will respond to the first message received from anyone.

Likewise, you can select the contact you want to send or do not want to send an auto-reply in WhatsApp.

Conclusion –

Time is passing faster, and technology is growing at double the speed. It saves our time & increases the perfection of our work. Auto reply features in WhatsApp shoot the message right after the message is received from anyone. It will create a positive impact on your customer, or if you are using it for your personal use, then your friends will be shocked by your quick response. Using a mod version like GBWhatsApp might be a good option to send auto replies in WhatsApp.

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