How to Share High Quality Images on WhatsApp

In the old generation, media was shared through Bluetooth or data cables. But the innovations introduced us to Android phones with multiple options, where WhatsApp makes communication super easy. We can share high-quality images on WhatsApp with the person who is sitting thousands of kilometers away. Due to many barriers, when we share high-quality images on WhatsApp will compressed & decrease in quality as well. In that blog of downloadgbappapk, we will discuss about how to share high-quality images on WhatsApp.

Now, the pictures clicked by the mobile cameras are also of high quality. Still, if they are shared on WhatsApp, they are downloaded at a low rate by the receiver, which becomes a considerable issue when we share high-quality images on WhatsApp. But still, if you want to share high-quality images on WhatsApp, there is a trick that allows you to do so. So, in that blog, we will discuss how to share high-quality images on WhatsApp without disturbing quality.

How to Share High-Quality Images on WhatsApp –

There are various methods launched in the market to share high-quality images on WhatsApp. You can use other applications for Sharing, like GB Instagram, for sharing the media as it is available on your mobile. Sending High-quality media means that if you have HD images on your phone, then only. For example, if you have HD Good Moring Images on your phone, then only you can send them as HD. But if you have low-quality images, they will be sent as low-quality only. Here are the ways to share high-quality images on WhatsApp.

Send Images as Documents –

If you are using an old version of WhatsApp, you must have the option to send documents. Yes, you have to go to the chat box & click on the pin icon near the camera in your typing space, where you will see multiple options for sharing, like location, poll, Contact, Document, or many others. You can create documents for all of your images to share high-quality images on WhatsApp.

You have to select the document option from the pop-up & WhatsApp will ask you to pick the document files and “choose from Gallery as well. Clicking on the gallery option, you will be able to select the image files you want to share. The best part of the option is the file size & quality remain the same. This is the old option to share high-quality images on WhatsApp.

Share High-Quality Images on WhatsApp Through MOD Versions –

Using WA MOD is another good solution. It is not only for sending the images files but many other features are unlocked in the GB WhatsAppJT WhatsApp & different mod versions. You can download the latest versions of the mod WhatsApp from downloadgbappapk.

Through these WA mod versions, you can send all the media files as it is without compressing either the file size is more than 25 MB. But in the original WhatsApp, if your image size is around 1 MB, after that, it will be shortened by default. You can directly share high-quality images on WhatsApp with the help of mod versions.

So, using WhatsApp MODs like WA AeroMB WhatsApp, or other mods is the best option not only for sending HD files but also for many other convenient features.

Send HD Images Through New WhatsApp –

The old version of WhatsApp is not capable of sending the media files as origin quality. Due to this lack of features & high demand in the market, users get frustrated & find other options where they will all be the same, like WhatsApp & extra features as well.

But after Meta owned WhatsApp, upgradation features & added new features. With these new features, you can send HD images of the same quality without extra effort.

You have to select the HD image that you want to send & in the upper thread, you will see an HD button. If your image is already in HD, the button will be available to click & will highlight after the click. But if the image is of standard quality, you won’t be able to click on it.

After clicking on the HD button from the thread, you will be asked to select the quality of the image. There might be multiple options & you can choose any desired from them. A higher rate increases the file size as well. So, choose the quality as per the internet availability.

Conclusion –

In wrapping words, we can say that WhatsApp is growing up with the users’ demands. It should keep the user’s needs the priority to stay in the market. It makes the image-sending process easier & enhanced.

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