How to do Storage Management in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has multiple options where you can make your work easy & with fewer requirements; you can send messages, calls, media, contact & many other options. All these will be stored in the Storage of your WhatsApp account, which can be backed up and restored. You can check the data consumed on phone Storage Management in WhatsApp Account.

WhatsApp All data can be monitored through the WhatsApp account as well. You can know the size of the media separatory, like image size, video size, or other files you sent or received. The messages also consume space, but the size of the message files is not too much. When you create an account over WhatsApp, you need to fill in the information like WhatsApp bio, DP, Name, or many other information which will automatically save.

For storage management in WhatsApp, you follow some simple footprints & you can clean unwanted data from your device to free the memory consumed. Otherwise, you can download other WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp from downloadgbappapk for better management.

Storage Management in WhatsApp on Android – 

Most of the persons are in our country use Android phones & managing data on Android phones is super easy. You do not need to be techier to do this & just follow the simple steps to wipe out the unnecessary data from your phone.

So, the simple steps are below –

  • Open the WhatsApp account if you want to clean the data.
  • Then go to the three dots on the upper right side for settings.
  • Multiple options will be there, but scroll down & select for Data & Storage usages.
  • It will take seconds to calculate the storage usage & once it is done, click on it.
  • It will show all the data consumed contact-wise. This means which contact in your list finished more data.
  • For more bifurcation, you should select the contact where you can see the size of images, videos & documents you have shared.
  • You can select any one of them to clean up for free space.

Through this process of storage management in WhatsApp, you can save time & erase things you do not need. From a privacy point of view, you can delete the data received or shared with anyone on your list.

Storage Management in WhatsApp on iPhone –

WhatsApp is the same for both users, either Android or iPhone, but due to different interfaces, you should know the process of Storage management in WhatsApp steps. These are written below –

  • Open the WhatsApp account & you will see the settings button on the left side.
  • Now click on Storage & Data and then Manage Storage.
  • Here, all of your WhatsApp conversations are displayed with the file size.
  • For more details, click on the exchange & all the files will be there.
  • You can select the desired files that you want to delete.
  • For bulk deletion, you can choose all the files from the bottom side to reduce the Storage.

In the same way, it will allow you to delete any specific conversation data on WhatsApp.

Basic Methods for Storage Management in WhatsApp – 

Various methods can save you time by deleting data. Besides this, you can save your WhatsApp storage on all devices without the deleting process. Besides the original WhatsApp, you should try JT WhatsApp, which has versatile features of storage management in WhatsApp.

Disable Auto Downloads – 

As the name defined, you can turn off auto-download media like pictures & videos. This will help you to prevent unwanted downloads & allow you to download the selected & essential files & make your Storage clean. The steps are below –

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings & click on Storage and Data.
  • You will see multiple options for download through WiFi, Mobile Data, and roaming.
  • You can opt out of the selections as per your need.

Backup Data to Computer – 

To make your WhatsApp Storage clean, you can transfer or back up the data to a computer for proper Storage Management in WhatsApp. This method will save your data from being lost because of viruses or device changes.

WhatsApp allows you to create automatic backups through Google Drive or iCloud, but they all have limitations. The best way is to create a backup on the computer through the data cable.

You can create backups for your DP images, videos, documents & even chats in PDF or HTML files. The best part of this type of backup is that you can switch your device with all this data. For this type of operation, you should download MobileTrans. Read more to know the steps for backup through MobileTrans –

  • Download & install the Mobiletrans application & look for Backup & Restore.
  • After hitting Backup & Restore, you will able to select the application for which you are going to back up. Make sure the application is installed on the computer& and you need a data cable to connect the mobile to the computer.
  • Now you can select the mobile device & multiple options to choose the data type you want to create a backup.
  • Hit the start button to begin the backup process.

Conclusion – 

In this blog of DownloadGBappapk, methods of storage management in WhatsApp are listed uniformly to help everyone understand them. You can use the technique as per your needs & requirements for Storage Management in WhatsApp, as all the methods are super easy to understand & perform.

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