TM Whatsapp APK 8.61 Download Latest Version – 2023

TM WhatsApp Latest Version

Version 8.61 | Size 52.32 MB

Do you want to know about TM WhatsApp? Want to download APK files? Ever since we started using WhatsApp, we have always seen that its color is green. But after a while, the green color started feeling boring. However, we had to use WhatsApp due to the lack of any other option. It is also a feature of WhatsApp, which is unavailable on any other application. But these features of WhatsApp also started feeling limited after some time, and we started feeling the need for more new features. Also, WhatsApp updates take a long time to add any new parts.

After all these, we have only left the same green WhatsApp to use. But not anymore, because now we have a new option whose name is also similar to WhatsApp, which is TM WhatsApp. If we talk about WhatsApp mods, then there are many WhatsApp mod APKs like GB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, and many others. All versions are similar but have more extra features.

They are all created by different developers to remove the restrictions that are in the main one. TM WhatsApp is a similar mod to others, which we have already described. They all have much more customization where they use different types of Fancy fonts, which you can copy and paste fonts from there or chat some with these fonts.

TM stands for Titus Mukisa. Now let us know more about why we need WhatsApp and what features it brings with it. In this, we understand the real purpose of downloading TM WhatsApp. There are many benefits to downloading TM WhatsApp, and we will talk more about it. So you use these mods versions to avoid the limitation in the main one.

What is TM WhatsApp?

There are many versions of WhatsApp called WhatsApp mod. They are all unofficial apps but safe to use. Due to the version of the main one, they breached Google policies, and they aren’t allowed to store in the Google Play store. So, we use APK files to download the mods versions.

You can download the TMWhatsApp app from downloadgbappapk for free without any virus issues. It is a great mobile application whose single use will make you forget the original WhatsApp. So, let’s know about its further features and details and how it is different and better than the original WhatsApp.

So, everyone knows that WhatsApp has been created with all the features in official WhatsApp. Apart from this, it also has everything a typical user would need if he is using WhatsApp. Sometimes, we go to send pictures of some functions but find that only 30 images can be shipped together. But to send more photos, we must check again which images we have sent and which we still need.

Apart from this, there are many other features that need to be included, which will be completed by the TM WhatsApp download.

download tm whatsapp apk

TM WhatsApp Features – 

As mentioned earlier, this app has all the features in Green WhatsApp, but in this, those features are upgraded, and there are new functions, too. First of all, let’s talk about its newly added features.

Auto Responds – 

Have you ever called customer care the first time a robot asked your questions, and after that, the call gets transferred to a person? When someone messages you, you can prepare auto-generated messages for them. These messages can be greeting messages or any information message for business accounts. This feature can save you a lot of time, and you do not even need to check your messages. Therefore, this function is helpful for business accounts, where you respond to customers through WhatsApp messages.

Hide Blue Tick – 

Sometimes, a person messages, and you don’t want to reply but want to see the message. And still wants to know about the message they have sent to you. For this, an option has been added to WhatsApp through which you can remove the blue tick on the letters of the sender, and the sender will think that you have not seen the messages yet.

Message Scheduler – 

Whenever we do not have internet available, we have to send a message, which can be shipped only at that time. You will have to send messages later, or you should ask for internet from someone. But through WhatsApp MOD, you can schedule those messages for that time, and even if you do not have internet, you can send those messages. These things feel very comfortable & professional that you are sending messages on time.

Customization Options – 

There is no option to customize the Old WhatsApp central theme. But TM WhatsApp gives the facility to edit and customize your theme. This provides an entirely different look to your app, which will make your app feel new. You can change the color, font, and WhatsApp in the customization features.

Apart from all these features, all the old parts of WhatsApp have also been upgraded. For example, you can send more than 30 images simultaneously and forward any message to more than five people. Not only this, you can also share large-size video files and any document files through WhatsApp, the limit of which is fixed at 25MB in the green version.

How to Download & Install – 

You cannot go to the Play Store to download TM WhatsApp because this is not an official application; you can download the latest version from After downloading, installing it is straightforward, and you have to turn on the unknown source installation from your phone’s settings. After all, you must click on the downloaded APK file to install it, and this app will be downloaded on your phone. But remember that TMWhatsAppAPK is only for Android mobile users with Android 5 or above.

Conclusion –

Lastly, this app is perfect for business accounts if you want to manage your business through WhatsApp. There are no adverse effects of downloading this app, so that you can enjoy the features of this app at your convenience. So you can download tmwhatsapp Latest Version for free.