Top 5 Communication Apps

Before discussing the top 5 communication apps, do you know what communication is? Communication is conveying information, thoughts, ideas, or feelings from one person or group to another. It involves exchanging words or messages through various channels, such as spoken or written words, gestures, or electronic means like text messages, emails, or video calls.

In modern days, no one has enough time to communicate with others properly. In modern days, the internet and many communication apps have become integral parts of our lives. Without the internet, no communication apps are used by anyone. And these are the top 5 communication apps.

Communication apps help you talk with others and share files, send images, group calls, etc., anywhere in the world. But in it, the internet plays a vital role because, with it, you can’t use any of these top 5 communication apps. In this essay, we will talk about the top 5 communication apps that have made it easier to talk with others. In these top 5 communication apps, you will find that some are useful for video communication, some for voice, some are useful for sharing files, etc. This list of top 5 communication apps is the most commonly used applications around the world.

List of Top 5 Communication Apps

There are so many communication or chatting apps where you can chat whenever you want. We need to connect internet to talk with anyone. They are not only communication apps, you can say they are video-sharing apps, image-sharing, video calling, voice calling, or many other facilities. Here is the list of these top 5 communication apps.


WhatsApp, a cross-platform instant messaging application, has emerged as one of the most common communication apps globally from the top 5 communication apps. It was founded in 2009 and transformed how people send text messages, share files, send images, make voice and video calls, group chat, etc. That is the most commonly used application from the list of top 5 communication apps.

WhatsApp is a straightforward application that is the first choice for communication. It can be a regularly updated app with immense features to ease people’s lives. That is the first choice of any user from the list of Top 5 Communication apps. There are so many features that make it globally popular among audiences. Here, some features can be described which are as:

Share any documents or files:-

In WhatsApp, you can share files or any documents with the help of the internet. Some years ago, when WhatsApp was not being launched, people needed to post any files or documents personally through post letters. But with the help of WhatsApp, you can share it with anyone. You can share these files from anywhere where you want to share. But in WhatsApp, you can send limited MB files, so it may raise a problem to share the files. So, people search for other apps where they can share high MB files without any restrictions.

Can you hear about GB WhatsApp Delta? GB WhatsApp is an app that allows the audience to share high MB files without any limits. You can share files or documents; it doesn’t matter the size of the files. This app is unavailable on the Google Play Store, so you must download it from any trusted website like downloadgbappapk. Through this app, you can easily send 100 MB files undoubtedly.

Whatsapp Status:

In WhatsApp, you can post statuses anytime to update you regularly. You can post status either as text or as images. Users can easily share links by posting status. In it, all your statuses are to see only those selected contact persons you want. You can choose to show all options so anyone can see your status.

You can write the text of greeting wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other achievements moments to congratulate others by editing status. But, in WhatsApp, you can edit limited text in your status. So, you need to post your lengthy text status in two parts. But wait, there is a solution to your problem: Fouad WhatsApp. Fouad WhatsApp is an app where you can write unlimited text statuses when you want to post them. So, you don’t need to divide your text status into two parts.


Messenger is an app on Facebook that helps send messages to friends or relatives. It can be downloaded only on Android devices or iOS devices. It is not available on PC. It is a simple messaging app to enhance communication among friends. It is a very comprehensive tool where you can do both personal and professional conversations. And counts as the second most commonly used application from the list of Top 5 communication apps.

With the help of Messenger, you can send text messages, voice notes, images, videos, and even money to your friends. You can share pictures like Good Morning images, Good Night Images, and even Name letters like A name Photo, B name Photo, or other images with your friends and relatives.


Telegram is an increasingly popular communication app known for its focus on privacy and security. In this app, you can add as many members as you want. It is a better choice than other communication apps for its security or privacy options. That application is a top-notch application from the list of top 5 application apps.

You can share multimedia files in it, and it takes less time to download files than others. It has a prominent feature that is not available in other communication apps. In this app, you can set the time to self-destructing option that’s why it’s a top-notch application in the top 5 communication apps. So, you don’t need to delete it particularly. It deletes automatically if you can set a timer on any message. It has a cloud-based storage facility, so if anyone shares files and you can download them, they can be saved in their cloud storage.

Zoom App:-

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when meeting up with others and no collaboration with others happened, the “ZOOM” app became incredibly popular among users. It is a compelling communication app designed primarily for video conferencing and online collaboration.

It has a user-friendly interface and high-definition video quality. It has become beneficial for remote working, online classes, and virtual gatherings. In this app, you can display your documents and any other things to others. That is most Video communication apps from the top 5 communication apps. Many users can connect easily. You can host any meeting and invite your friends and relatives to this meeting to talk with them and share any memorable moments. When you don’t go anywhere to meet your friends and relatives, staying connected with them has made it possible.


Signal is an application tool that provides instant messaging services and voice and video calls. In this application, you can securely send text messages and images to anyone. That is the most secure application from the list of top 5 communication apps. When you send any text messages, it secures your network status so no one can break your privacy.

This feature is not available in other apps, so for security purposes, it becomes the first choice for those users who want to hide their privacy. In this application, you can easily stay connected with others even if you don’t have time to meet up personally. It is the same as other communication apps but more focused on privacy; it is a better option than others. It has all the same features, which are very common, but with more security options and end-to-end encrypted messages.


In a world where staying connected is vital, these top five communication apps have transformed how we interact with others. WhatsApp simplifies personal and group communication, Facebook Messenger bridges personal and professional communication, Telegram emphasizes privacy and security, Zoom facilitates remote work and virtual meetings, and Signal streamlines workplace conversations, which ease users’ lives.

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