WhatsApp Mod APK Updates – 2023

WhatsApp MOD

Latest MOD Versions of WhatsApp – 2023

For a long of 7-8 years, we have been getting in touch with Android as every 2nd person using Android Phones and the commonly used messaging app WhatsApp. In recent years, WhatsApp become the most popular messaging application.

WhatsApp has lots of features and upgrading itself day by day with new and user-required features. But as the technology rises, clone application with different and new facilities arrives in the market. Yes, we are talking about WhatsApp MODs. First, we should know what is WhatsApp MOD and what is the difference between official WhatsApp and WhatsApp MODs.

WhatsApp MOD is just an upgraded version of WhatsApp developed by a third-party developer either a team or a person. MOD has too many more advanced features than the original WhatsApp and that is why WhatsApp Mod is becoming more demanding than the original one.

These MOD are not available on the Play Store but as they are not registered you can download them from other websites securely. These MODs will provide you with a more personalized messaging experience than the Standard WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Versions

Many people are getting bored & feeling stained with the official version of WhatsApp and in my mind always thinking IF, WhatsApp should have these features as well. Some brilliants from us heard the voice and kept an eye on the demand of users. One day morning we found a new word called WhatsApp MOD APK and in the deep of it called WhatsApp Updated Versions.

These versions of WhatsApp unblocked too many new features & enhanced limitations and these new updates increase the demand in the global world of Android users. One common update in all WA Mod is appearance & it is because of the Cute Fonts and Customizations option. Because these versions are not issued by the original WhatsApp, they are not listed in to Play Store. That is why, the innovation wave of WhatsApp updates is helpful for only Android users.

In this article, we will talk more about WhatsApp’s latest versions and their features. All versions are designed with original WhatsApp features and some new features as well.

Latest Versions of WhatsApp Mod APK

There are many different versions of WhatsApp mod APK which you can download from our website. All the APKs are free to use and you can update your WhatsApp mod. Here are WhatsApp Mod APK: 

Blue WhatsApp 

The plus point is that the developers provide the new updated version after 2021 to users to download the Blue WhatsApp APK. The features are to provide high mb file sharing, sharing long videos, and other essential features that significantly impact the app.

FM WhatsApp

Among all free WA mods, you can also download the latest or updated version of the FM WhatsApp APK with old & new features. FMWhatsApp APK downloads all the latest versions with new updates like anti-delete messages, hiding online status & other features to ease the lives of people. That WhatsApp Mod APK is very useful if you want to send large files or images.

YO WhatsApp 

With all old & new features, YO WhatsApp APK is the latest or updated version of WA APK, which can be downloaded from the website. Yo WhatsApp APK latest version download allows you to easily message an unknown person without saving the contact. You can also create unlimited groups according to you.

WhatsApp PLUS 

WhatsApp Plus APK is another WA mod & you can download the latest or updated version for free. Using this app, you can schedule a message anytime to anyone and send beautiful emojis and gifs that differ from others.

AERO WhatsApp 

Try something new, then you can download Aero WhatsApp APK with all new updates or the latest features. If you want to customize your wallpaper and themes, try this APK.

WhatsApp MIX 

WhatsApp Mix is a mixture of all unique features with all the latest versions of WhatsApp mod APK. It can be downloaded from our websitewhich provides different mods. The quality is that it is a mix of all features, which makes it a mixer.

JT WhatsApp 

You can try downloading JT WhatsApp APK, which can be launched personally for IOS users. It provides standard features like file-sharing media, high MB videos, customized themes, making phone calls, and other features that are something different.

FOUAD WhatsApp

Try something different, then download the updated FOUAD WhatsApp APK version with the latest features. You can easily hide the blue tick option, the double tick option, the auto-reply option, and other new features.

WhatsApp Gold

A golden look can be seen here & that’s why named WhatsApp Gold. You can change the notification Color, send a message to all groups, hide active status, and send 30+ pictures at one time. More WhatsApp Mod APK will be added soon.

Difference Between WhatsApp MOD & Official WhatsApp

If we provide the rating between both, we always give 10 out of 10 to WhatsApp MODs and 8 out of 10 to Original WhatsApp. There are 14+ WhatsApp MODs available in the market and have a lot of new features than the original ones. So let’s have a look at some major features in WhatsApp MOD: –

FeaturesWhatsApp ModsOriginal WhatsApp
Hide StatusYesNo
Download Profile & StatusYesNo
New Fonts & StickersYesNo
Media Sharing200 MB15 MB
Status Character Length255139
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
Disable Forwarded TagYesNo
Disable/Customize CallingYesNo
Anti-Delete Status/MessagesYesNo
Security LockYesNo
Fully CustomizeYesNo
Auto ReplyYesNo
Increase Forward Limit25010
Increase Image Share Limit10030
Message Auto Reply / SchedulingYesNo
Change Image ResolutionYesNo

These are the only main features commonly used in our daily life. Expect these all so you can secure your profile and hide your online presence. You also can customize your theme as per your demand and have new WhatsApp Fonts with new languages. Its new interface is more attractive and cool than the original one.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp MODs for Android: –

Yes, you can download and install WhatsApp MOD safely and even use them without any fear of privacy. These MODs are as secure as the Official Version. Some of us are thinking if it is so safe then why the MODs are not available on Google Play Store like other applications? But you all should know that the MODs are not the official version or can say they are cracked versions. We all know very well that cracked APKs, cannot be listed on official sites.

Rest, downloading WhatsApp MODs is safe for your Android phone. But it might be causing an issue with your WhatsApp Account. If WhatsApp Bots track your account that was used for the MODs version, then WhatsApp may ban your account from use future on WhatsApp Official. As we all are using dual sim phones and through WhatsApp MODs you can use multi-WhatsApp on a single Android.

So, we would like to suggest you use WhatsApp MOD for your temp business purpose or for temp uses and use your personal number to WhatsApp official only.