How to add customizable WhatsApp Themes?

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How to add customizable WhatsApp Themes?

Are you bored with the default WhatsApp green theme? This is very well known that WhatsApp has vast features & upgrading itself daily. These features are used for sending messages & media files to your contacts. In the old times, the work of Fax was carried out by this digital platform.

Also, daily updates of this app are & tied to a huge population of the world & proven as very convenient to use. There are also other applications available in the market for communication, but the first choice of the consumer is WhatsApp.

If we go into the market and ask for the color of the WhatsApp, everyone will say it’s Green. Now, another question will be, like, are you getting bored with the color? 90% of the generation will say Yes. But now they will ask you the question, How is it possible?

Sadly, in the original WhatsApp, you are unable to perform this operation. The problem is that these themes are just solid colors like blue, pink, green, red, etc., and they are dark or light themes only.

Do you want to customize WhatsApp themes? Then your wait is over because developers have found a solution and launched another modified version,  “JT WhatsApp,”  in the internet market for better communication between you and your friends or relatives.

In this apk, there are so many features which may help you. Besides customizing WhatsApp themes, you can share high-MB files with friends or relatives.

Custom WhatsApp Themes:-

Why JT WhatsApp was launched? JT WhatsApp is an updated version with exceptional features to convey messages to anyone. It is just like WhatsApp but a third-party app that can’t be installed from the Google Play Store. It can be downloaded from any trusted source or website.

The third-party app may cause your privacy, but if you compromise with it, you can download JT WhatsApp from our downloadgbappapk, and make sure that these websites provide apk which don’t cause any to your PC or mobile.

If you can download it, then your problem solution is in it because it has the same features as WhatsApp and more collections of themes to customize as per your idea in your mind.

You have many options to customize WhatsApp themes besides solid color themes. If you want to change your background color of chatting, you can also change it with the help of JT WhatsApp. You can change the design of your typing board by using it, and if you also want to style text words, you can use  Fancy Font  tools to design your text words.


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