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WhatsApp has more than 2 million users and is growing day by day, and with this user base, it become the largest messaging application. The reason behind the huge victory is features that are unbeatable by other applications. WhatsApp has unique & unlimited features, which make the application more fantastic & useful for personal & professional uses. In this blog of DownloadGBAppAPK, you will learn about WhatsApp tricks and tips.

Nowadays, WhatsApp marketing is trendy for small businesses. Also, you can do video, voice, and text chat on WhatsApp, so many people are meeting on WhatsApp. We will talk more about WhatsApp tricks and tips. There are such features available in WhatsApp which still need to be added to our knowledge. So, let’s light on those WhatsApp Tricks and tips to make our user experience more comfortable & digital.

To use WhatsApp tricks and tips, you need to have a phone number to register on it. You can’t write by email, so a phone number is necessary. After creating an account, you can fill in the WhatsApp Bio. You can also use it to create a bio with the help of a fancy text generator tool that will give you different types of Fancy text to make your profile unique. Below, we will first talk about WhatsApp and its types. Afterwards, we will discuss WhatsApp Tricks and tips.

Types of WhatsApp – 

Before discussing the features, we should know the variations of WhatsApp available in the market. Yes, more than 15 mods are available on Downloadgbappapk & 10+ more versions will be added. Sometimes downloaded versions are GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp & WhatsApp Gold.

All these versions have their separate features, but all have the same features as Standard WhatsApp. Almost all performances are available on our site DownloadGBAppAPK, where you can download any more versions. There are only two types of WhatsApp: the original one and the mod version. In the mod version, you can find many variations. Let’s talk more about WhatsApp Tricks and tips.

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips – 

As you know now, WhatsApp has more than 20+ versions in the market & all have different features. So, we have explained common features added to all versions. Generally, in mode versions, you will get extra privacy options, a chat screen, or many others, making many differences between both applications. On that page, we will discuss WhatsApp tricks and tips.

Video Call with up to 30 Contacts – 

WhatsApp video calling was added a long time ago, but you could only make one-to-one video calls in the beginning. But lately, the limits have been increased to 30 simultaneously. Let’s run the process –

  • Log in with WhatsApp & go to your group.
  • You will see the video call button on the right upper.
  • If you have a group of more than 30, you will be asked to choose the persons you want to add to the call.
  • Besides this, if someone wants to join the call after some time, they can, but the call should be active like a latecomer joining the class.

Create Group Poll – 

If you have a big group and want to know the opinion of all, you will stick in messages & count the ticks. Now forget it & use the poll option, where you can ask your questions with multiple choices to answer, which looks cool & easy to read & understand. If you are running a small business, you can create a poll to get feedback for your business.

Go to the group or in the chat room.

Now click on the typing box, where the pin& multiple options will pop up with the poll feature. Click on Poll & you will ask your question& enter the choices you want put as an option.

Share Your Live & Current Location – 

You can navigate your friends or relatives through this feature. You share the live location with them or ask from their live location, which makes your address confirmation complication easier. If you are getting into trouble, you can use to send your location with your friends or colleagues to trigger you. The live site will be on till you select how many hours. And it will automatically change the location where you are moving. That’s the amazing WhatsApp tricks and tips that are useful for your kids or other family members.

See Who Read Messages in Group – 

Now you can also check who received your messages & who is still online to read your messages. If all the group members have received the message, it will show the double tick & if all read the messages, it will show as a double blue tick. So, with WhatsApp Tricks and tips, nobody can hide that information.

Lock Your Special Chats – 

If you don’t want to lock the WhatsApp application but still want the special chats to become secret, you can try this feature. The locked chat will open with the screen lock or password you set. Also, the locked chat will not show on the screen, unlike the archive chats. It would help if you pulled down the screen& then the locked chats will show.

Text Status – 

The length of the text status in the profile has been increased to 140 characters, which was very low previously. Like the IG Bio&FB VIP Bio, you can use VIP bio in the status, which is enough to make your friends.

Chat Wallpaper – 

You can change the Chat wallpaper to make your chat box cool. You can choose any image from your mobile or some default wallpapers.

Conclusion –

These WhatsApp tips & tricks are very useful for personal or business accounts. Some features might be old, but WhatsApp recently added a few and is currently upgrading them. The original WhatsApp tried to cover all the elements in MOD WhatsApp versions to retain its wisdom in messaging applications.

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